Supply (only) of AirHome

Step 1. Sign Contract

Choose the floor plan (front or side access / orientation) which suits your site, and sign a conditional contract for the purchase of your AirHome.

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Supply (only) of AirHome

Step 2. Pay Deposit

Carry out your due diligence investigations, confirm you are satisfied with the terms of the contract and that you wish to proceed, and then pay a 50% deposit (which will be held on trust in a lawyer’s trust account until deliverables are met). During this time we are happy to work with you to help you understand whether or not you require a building consent and/or code compliance certificate for the AirHome only (this varies based on what region the AirHome will be installed in and what your intended use of the AirHome is).

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Supply (only) of AirHome

Step 3. Inspect AirHome

Once you have paid your deposit we will begin constructing your AirHome. The process is expected to take between 3 - 6 months however we will provide you with an accurate timeline at the time you pay your deposit. We will notify you once the construction process has been completed and give you the opportunity to inspect your AirHome.

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Supply (only) of AirHome

Step 4. Collect AirHome

After you have inspected the AirHome and confirmed that you are happy with it, you will be required to pay the balance of the purchase price of the AirHome. Once we have received payment, your AirHome is ready for collection and you are free to arrange delivery and installation.

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