Supply & Installation of AirHome

Step 1. Sign Contract

Choose the floor plan (front or side access / orientation) which suits your site, sign a conditional contract for the purchase of your AirHome and pay a $575.00 non-refundable compliance pathway fee.

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Step 2. Planning Investigation

After receiving payment of your compliance pathway fee, our team will complete a high level review to confirm that a resource consent is not required in relation to the installation of your AirHome and provide you with provisional costs for the installation of your AirHome. If for whatever reason we determine that a resource consent is or may be required, we would then outline what this process is likely to involve and the estimated costs and risks associated with this process for you to consider.

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Step 3. Pay Consenting Assistance Installment

Carry out your due diligence investigations, confirm you are satisfied with the terms of the contract and that you wish to proceed, and then pay your first installment of $25,000 (which will be used by us to engage consultants to assist with obtaining building consent and determine the cost to install your AirHome).

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Step 4. Consenting Assistance Services

During this step we obtain the site specific reports required to support your building consent application (including geotechnical reports, site survey, foundation design and working drawings) and we obtain quotes for all works in relation to the commissioning and installation of your AirHome.

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Step 5. Construction and Installation Price Confirmation

We will confirm that the cost of commissioning and installing your AirHome are consistent with our original provisional sums provided as part of Step 2, and you will then pay your second installment of $100,000 (which will be held on trust in a lawyer’s trust account until deliverables are met). If for whatever reason the final costs are materially different from our original provisional sums, you can choose not to proceed and we will refund any balance funds held by us from your first installment.

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Step 6. Obtain Building Consent, Start Site Works and AirHome Construction

We obtain building consent for the earthworks and services, and also begin construction of your AirHome. During the construction phase of your AirHome we complete physical site works (installation of the piles and running of service mains). Whilst this is happening you will be required to pay your development contributions and any applicable reticulation fees to the relevant territorial authority.

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Step 7. Inspect AirHome

We will notify you once your AirHome has been constructed and give you the opportunity to inspect your AirHome. After you have inspected the AirHome and confirmed that you are happy with it, we will mutually agree on and confirm a delivery date and time, and you will then pay the balance of the purchase price for your AirHome.

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Step 8. Delivery and Installation

We deliver and install your AirHome.

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Step 9. Commissioning and Testing

Once your AirHome has been installed we will connect your AirHome to the relevant services, test the connections and ensure that your AirHome is functioning as expected.

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Step 10. Optional Extras

If relevant to your contract, we will carry out any agreed enhancements such as decking, fences, steps, pathways and landscaping.

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