2 Bedroom

AirHome 48

  • Bedrooms 2

  • Bathrooms 1

  • Area48m2

  • Price $218,000

Price for supply of Airhome only (excludes decking, delivery and installation)

Featuring 2 bedrooms, a full-size kitchen, and bathroom, spread across a 48m2, AirHome 48 is the perfect self-contained home

Designed for living, AirHome 48 offers side entry to both the living area and bedrooms.

Key features of the AirHome 48:

  • Full size bathroom
  • Kitchen including fridge, washer/dryer, oven, hob and dishdrawer
  • Built in wardrobes and storage
  • LED lighting throughout
  • Heatpump included
  • Meets or exceeds new H1 insulation standards
  • Made of high quality materials from reputable suppliers

Experience the art of modern living with Air Home

Kitchen including fridge, washer/dryer, oven, hob and dishdrawer

Made of high quality materials from reputable suppliers with built in wardrobes and storage

Self Contained Relocatable Homes

2 Bedroom Floor Plans

The floor plans of AirHome have been crafted with both form and function in mind. The home offers a comfortable and relaxed living experience, while maximising the use of space and natural light.

Floor Plan One

Front Access (suited to rectangular shaped sites)

AirHome 48 (2 Bedroom)
Provisional Installation Costs


Lower Range

Mid Range

Upper Range

Planner High Level Review

To confirm the compliance pathway and provisional sums for getting an Airhome on your site.




Site Specific Reports and Costings

  • Geotech
  • Site Survey and Service Locator
  • Foundation design
  • Quoting of physical works relating to the installation and commissioning of your AirHome




Site Specific Design Fees, Council Fees and Reticulation costs

  • Building Consent Drawings
  • Council Fees (Consent and Development Contributions)
  • Reticulation Fees (Power Connection and Fibre (if applicable)




Physical Site Works

  • Site Scrape and Pile Installation
  • Drainage and Services
  • Delivery
  • Commissioning
  • Access Way Formation, Fencing, Landscaping
  • Preliminary and General (Council Sign-Off Traffic Management etc)




Total Installation Price




Total Construction & Installation Price




The amounts stated in the above provisional installation costs table are estimates only and are subject to change as a result of the unique circumstances and requirements relevant to the installation of an AirHome on your specific site. In addition, the above amounts exclude costs associated with anything that is not expressly stated in writing.



Entry Door

Glass door in an aluminium frame with digital lock


Double glazed, powder coated aluminium


LED lighting, sockets, general connections


Panasonic heat pump

Water Heating

55L hot water cylinder

Roof, Fascia, Gutter and Downpipes

Colour Steel*


Cemintel cladding

Interior Living


R 2.6 wall batts, R 3.6 ceiling batts (two layers to meet code), floor batts (insulation requirements may vary according to region)

Walls and Ceilings

Grooved Plywood

Skirting and Architraves

Timber skirting and architraves to match wall lining

*Extra cost for NZS 3604 Exposure Zone D (also known as Sea Spray Zone)

Subject to availability, products/finishes may vary. Where possible products to be replaced with a similar or equal product.

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